Creating new horizons

Dream into reality the next chapter of your life

shamanic feather

Our SkyHorse team envisions the possibility that human beings embark on a journey of re-awakening, remember their interconnected nature, and re-establish the importance of intuitive, sensate perspectives. Being in harmony with nature revives the spirit, releases spent emotions, and guides us towards right action in balance with the greater good.

One of our primary goals at SkyHorse Ranch is to re-connect people to land and nature, so that we may re-find what has heart and meaning, forgive what has been broken, find hope in times of uncertainty, and walk a path of integrity and grace. Given these challenging times, it’s paramount that we individually and collectively re-evaluate our choices and what it means to ‘live a good life’.

Our programs and services specialize in creating transformative change in our individual journeys, our communities and our world. It is not enough to change the way we think. We can no longer solve our personal and societal dilemmas with our traditional models of rationalization. Today, is a time like no other. We are being asked to stretch our consciousness beyond its current bounds, to paint a new picture on a blank canvas rich with our imaginative impressions. To accomplish this courageous task requires an openness to explore new horizons and to find the courage to take our unique stand that is ours to take.

Out beyond right doing and wrong doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.