Horses at SkyHorse Ranch

EGE is specialized in weaving land based knowledge, animal communication, environmental awareness, and intuitive practices into a pragmatic learning model that supports the whole self-mind, body and spirit. Our Equine Guides, like native wizards see into our deeper psyche and help us re-connect to what has heart and meaning, encouraging us to walk into our life with dignity and grace!

EQUINE: A horse representing the ancient archetypes of strength, courage, dignity, power, honor, beauty, endurance, resilience, mystery, integrity.

GUIDED: The magical ability of horses to take us into unknown or unexplored territory; a place where we can heal the past, re-imagine our future, and connect to our life purpose and share our natural wisdom.

EDUCATION: Educational, coaching, and therapeutic models that encourage effective relationship, communication, coordination, and social interaction skills for individuals and/or groups.

We have been providing an experiential, land based learning environment for people from all walks of life since the mid 1980’s. Our Horse Guides make our programs truly unique and help us get to core issues and topics in minutes which otherwise might take us six months or more in traditional coaching/therapy type sessions. They teach us the fundamental importance of body language and non-verbal communication, helping us to re-learn how to trust our intuition, listen to our deeper calling and take a stand for change. Whether you are an individual, couple, family or team, our SkyHorse programs offer new perspectives on life’s changing dilemmas and opportunities. No riding or equestrian skills are necessary.

Interacting with horses is both magical and profound. Horses have a natural way of helping us expand our intuitive, sensate perspective and find solutions that we cannot imagine by intellect alone. Join us and become a part of the Sustainable Change Movement.

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