The woman who greens the earth

Claire Dubois' goal is to plant 1 Million trees each month.

Sleeping fertility

TreeSisters is an audacious campaign fuelled by the love and creativity of every-day women. It is where the potency of women’s nature connectedness is overtly invoked in order to catalyze and channel feminine co-creativity and leadership towards the restoration of the natural world – most specifically our forests.

TreeSisters wants to grow a global network of women and to co-create a campaign that helps rebalance our taking from Earth, with giving back every month by funding fast growing tropical trees where they’re needed the most. All of this is done in a way that celebrates essential feminine nature – consciously reclaiming and strengthening the deeper capacities that women have to embody, connect, feel, intuit, alchemize, create and birth life.

The concept of TreeSisters was received by Clare Dubois in a collision with a tree , one icy November morning in 2009. The name, function, purpose and ethos arrived as if by taking dictation – an already formed concept, latent and asking to be seeded, germinated and birthed.

To summarize briefly – the message was this: women are the missing piece. Feminine wisdom is the wisdom of the womb, the wisdom of cycles, the wisdom of nature and the wisdom of home – (and Earth is Home) – it has been suppressed at enormous cost to all life. This has to change. Women need to come together, remember who and what they are, reconnect to the cycles of life and help restore balance in this world – or it’s over. The pattern of taking all the time needs to be balanced with giving back through trees. You need to reforest the tropics within ten years. This you can do together by all of you giving some money every month to crowd fund reforestation…

In March 2014, TreeSisters started funding trees – fast growing, dry evergreen and fruit trees in the fast desertifying lands of southern India with the partner „Project Green Hands“ supporting agro-foresty development to protect the land, to recharge the water tables, and reduce farmer suicides - protecting the wives and children, whilst increasing forest based income and reducing malnutrition.

As of May 2017, they have over 2300 TreeSister members who have funded 740,485 trees already, now TreeSisters are planting nearly 10,000 trees per month. They are currently searching for funding for their new campaign to reach 1,000,000 trees per month!

Here you can learn more about their progress and join the movement!