Weltengeist e.V.

Seventh Generation is a Weltengeist project, a non-profit organization based in Munich, Germany.

The purpose of Weltengeist is the support of „The protection of nature and our environment”, as prescribed in the articles § 52/2 Nr. 8 AO, for example organizing seminars supporting the statutory purpose.

Weltengeist will also support efforts of other associations that have as purpose the protection of nature, animals and the environment by collecting and forwarding funds.


If you want to support us, you can donate to:

Umweltbank Nürnberg
Account Nr. 1442775
BLZ 760 350 00
Recipient: Weltengeist gem. e.V.

IBAN DE47760350000001442775

100% of all donations will be forwarded to carefully chosen projects involved in the protection of nature, the environment or animals.

Seventh Generation is an independent and 100 % privately financed project.