“Think about your choices”

We think that it has never been of higher importance for us to take on personal responsibility and to think about the choices we have and make, with the goal of being a part of the bigger shift in how we value nature and its protection. Many solutions to the challenges of our time already exist and we can change some of our choices without having to give up on our high living standards.

However, before we can heal the world, we need to become "complete" inside. By doing so, we can help preserve our beautiful planet for generations to come.


It is our goal to raise interest and awareness regarding solutions and choices that have an impact on the sustainable protection of our environment and nature. We want to invite people to join us in our discovery of how satisfying, enjoyable and valuable it can be to engage in the protection of our planet, to question our old ways of thinking and to act responsibly.

We want to achieve this by introducing visionaries from all over the planet from the fields of economy, science, ecology, spirituality and politics, whose projects contribute to the protection of our planet. We also want to provide easy-to-do suggestions on how each individual can make their daily life more sustainable and lower their impact on our environment through everyday decisions.

This project is born out of love for creation, out of trust in an emotional and intellectual foresight. Out of hope in a social and ecological paradigm shift. The spirit of sustainability can be felt everywhere, in companies, politics and among consumers. Everyone can contribute their personal share.

Yes, I do have hope. I do believe we can look forward to a world in which our great-grandchildren and their children after them can live in peace. A world in which there will still be trees and chimpanzees swinging through them, and blue sky and birds singing, and the drumbeats of indigenous peoples reminding us powerfully of our link to Mother Earth and the Great Spirit - the God we worship. But, as I've stated repeatedly, we don’t have much time. The planet’s resources are running out. And so if we truly care about the future of our planet we must stop leaving it to “them” out there to solve all the problems. It is up to us to save the world for tomorrow: it’s up to you and me.

Jane Goodall