Manuela & Carsten

Manuela & Carsten Essig

We believe that we as humans are an integral part of nature and thus intertwined with creation, connected to every part of it. We believe that all species depend on each other for survival and that every being has an equal right to live, now and in the future.

We feel a lot of humility and awe in the face of the uniqueness and beauty of nature and have decided to take on our responsibility and make our contribution to a better tomorrow. We want to support the shift towards a more sustainable society, where ecological values play a more prominent role. We don't want to talk, we want to do something.

We have initiated this project because we have hope! We feel the momentum of a new Zeitgeist rising, that will put life itself, our origins and the love back to a more crucial position. We want to be part of this shift.

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In our society we measure happiness on the speed in which we can satisfy our material wants. Always more, always bigger. Profit maximisation and super- capitalism beat social and ecological responsibility. Without consumption there is no growth and without growth there is no consumption. These are the overall concepts of our achievement-oriented society. What we lost along the way is our connection to nature, our home in nature, and an alliance with our fellow humans.

Over the last ten years at various international companies, we have learned a lot about the causal connections of our system, which is based on unconditional growth. But in reality our natural resources, and therefore our growth, are limited. Over the years we developed the feeling that we as humans should again try to get in touch with our origins. We both wanted to do something with our lives that made more sense to us than just increasing the ROI. We are convinced that the last 300 years since René Descartes will enter history as the period of a solely growth-oriented industrial society. Our offspring will ask us why we all joined this collective destructive frenzy and destroyed the base of our very own lives.

If we don’t start to change fundamentally and take on responsibility for our deeds, our children and children’s children will call us the generation of immoderate egoists and trans-continental over-consumers. We can’t afford to omit using our intellectual abilities and our scientific possibilities to preserve a planet that is worth living on for future generations of all species.

For some years now there has been a new consciousness rising, a collective knowing that we as humans are risking our very own survival, where people begin to consider the principle of sustainability. Every day there are more people stepping in for our environment, people who decide to live more consciously and responsibly. For example "Cultural Creatives“ or "Lohas“ are groups that are growing rapidly and they decide every day anew and try to make the right choices. Healthy diversity signifies a better quality of life, an intensive use of consumer goods protects the environment, conscious choices lead to more joy in life. Those people no longer ignore the irrevocable harmful effects our consumerism causes. It’s less about no consumption than about conscious, responsible consumption. It’s the longing for holistic health, for a true connection to the nature around us, for social harmony, that will influence our day-to-day life more and more. We can see that the sales of organic food has doubled to 5 billion Euros in the last five years.

We want to support this shift in values that is already underway, and show that making ecologically responsible choices every day is not only good to protect our planet, but also to increase our quality of life, and bring joy and sense into our life.

As mentioned above, we have initiated this project because we do have hope! We feel the momentum of a new Zeitgeist rising, that will put life itself, our origins and the love back to a more crucial position. We want to be part of this shift.

If you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make a change.Michael Jackson