Claudio Dell'AereClaudio Dell'Aere

Claudio is living in Hamburg and he has supported the development and the concept of the website significantly. As a freelance online-editor he takes care of several websites and as a music journalist he contributes radio broadcasts and audio guides. As a musician he composes soundtracks for the film industry.

Alexandra FeldnerAlexandra Feldner

Since the very beginning of Seventh Generation, Alexandra has always been supportive and a big source of motivation and inspiration for us. She not only connected us to her network of highly professional and committed people who are supporting this project in many ways, but continues to be involved and committed in promoting the vision of Seventh Generation.

Agata PiskorzAgata Piskorz

Agata lives in Hamburg and she is responsible for the editing of the Seventh Generation videos. As a professional film editor she is working as a freelancer for different international production companies. She is specialized in advertising and image film as well as in TV productions. Just click here and learn more about her expertise.

Sven MüllerSven Müller

As a designer, Sven contributed endless hours and creative ideas into the website and the logo. He lives and works in the wonderful and tiny village (his paradise) of Leutstetten near Munich. Sometimes we have the great pleasure to listen to his exceptional music.

Kristina MörsdorfKristina Mörsdorf

Due to Kristina we were able to create the Seventh Generation layout and due to her studies in psychology she always knows what the user is interested in. She started working for Sven-Müller-Design as a webdesigner three years ago and lives in the vicinity of Munich. In the morning she's having her coffee with and in the afternoon without milk...

Karen LeeKaren Lee

Karen lives in New York City and is working as a doctor at the Mount Sinai Hospital. For a long time now she is committed to charity projects, and together with several other physicians last year she went there in order to support a hospital in Liberia. She helps us with proofreading our English translations for the website.

Peter EssigPeter Essig

Peter lives close to Stuttgart and he is a dedicated soccer enthusiast. He retired from being a teacher a couple of years ago. He is quite professional concerning orthography, he loves to write poems and he is proofreading the Seventh Generation texts.