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Image of the short film "Nature is Speaking"

“I have been here 22,500 times longer than you. I don’t really need people, but people need me,” says Julia Roberts, imbuing her Mother Nature with a steely, take-it-or-leave-it edge.

Roberts brief monologue kicks off a series of 10 short films called “Nature Is Speaking.” Along with her, an A-list of movie stars donated their time and intonations to the Conservation International project.

Should the human race suffer a massive die-off or even extinction, Mother Nature, to hear Julia Roberts tell it, won’t much care. The films are certainly doom-laden, however they are also showing the beauty and magnificence of nature and hopefully makes you think about your choices

“Our goals for this are varied,” says M. Sanjayan, the nonprofit’s executive vice president and senior scientist. “CI is an organization that is well known amongst a small amount of people and government, but it’s not more broadly known. So one measure of success is to increase our online presence, increase online giving, engagement, et cetera.” More important, he says, “is for companies—consumer facing organizations—to take notice and link to this and use it as a platform to tell their own story. Just for an example, say, Starbucks might say it’s listening to soil, and here are the ways it’s improving conditions where coffee is grown.” CI want to get businesses to use their marketing muscle to speak out on this more.

Everybody can contribute by spreading the word, taking the pledge or by donating.

Here you can watch all short films.

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