More countries ban plastic bags

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Plastic bag ban

More and more countries see the need to ban plastic bags as many of the bags are not recycled and instead litter landscapes, pollute oceans or waterways. Plastic and the way it decomposes is one of the mayor problems of our time.

China was one of the first countries that ban plastic bags in 2008 A strict Chinese limit on ultra-thin plastic bags significantly reduced bag-related pollution nationwide by 66% during the past year. The country avoided the use of 40 billion bags, according to government estimates.

Beside California and Hawaii African nations such as Cameroon, Rwanda, Tansania or Ethiopia all announced the ban of plastic bags. Last year France followed by banning plastic bags, cutlery, cubs and plates. 

Every year we are dumping 8 Million tons of plastic into the oceans. Banning plastic bags is a major step towards reducing this! If you want to be part of the solution, just ask your local supermarket not to use plastic bags anymore.

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