January 2014

One of the most important movies ever!

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SEED the movie

SEED: The Untold Story, a feature-length documentary film, tells the harrowing and heartening story of humans’ 12,000 year relationship with seed. As many irreplaceable seeds are nearing extinction, SEED unveils a David and Goliath battle for the future of our seeds, at risk from industrial seed companies who are controlling seeds through patents and genetic modification.

The film follows a loveable, gritty cast of characters on an absorbing journey into “doomsday “ seed vaults, the colorful world of seed savers, and indigenous tribes, protecting their seed ancestry. With their heartfelt testimony, SEED celebrates the mystery, power and essential nature of seeds. Entertaining and engaging, SEED: The Untold Story will ignite the imagination of audiences, inspiring them to be part of a brave new movement dedicated to safeguarding a sustainable future.

We from Seventh Generation think everybody needs to see this movie. You can help to complete the movie here.