December 2013

The secret of the trees

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The root of a tree

The "Secret of the Trees" is a fascinating documentary about the marvelous creation of a tree. It takes us on a magical journey to the source of life, to the mighty rainforests of our planet. The movie will show us how beautiful, fascinating and important these forests are.

As far as we know the movie is available in Germany and France only at the moment. But watch out for a English version in the near future.

Trees for Greece

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Trees for Greece is a non profit organization, that supports renaturation and reforestation projects in Greece. They select areas which have been so badly damaged by overgrazing, lowering of the groundwater level and soil degradation that the remaining biodiversity is not enough to protect the area from further desertification in the long term. These projects aim to repair this damage, which was primarily caused by human interference, as best as possible and to incorporate the recultivated land into practices of sustainable and ecologically-sound land use.

Spread throughout Greece like a large mosaic, the Trees for Greece projects should play a part in giving the people living in the affected areas a better outlook for the future with re-blossoming natural and cultural landscapes, so that they and subsequent generations will not be forced to leave the areas due to the continued destruction of nature.

All projects are set up to be ecologically-focussed, long-term investments based on the Plan for Generations. Trees for Greece encourages the integration of people in a natural and healthy environment, the care and protection of which all project participants should feel equally responsible for

Here you can donate and find more information.