July 2013

Monsanto retreats from Europe

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Monsanto - Biohazard

Monsanto retreats from europe, withdraws EU bis to plant GMO Corps. A Monsanto executive said the company would pull back from seeking approval for genetically modified seed crops for Europe.

Jose Manuel Madero, president of Monsanto in Europe, said the company would withdraw from seeking permission to sell genetically modified seed in the European Union with the exception of renewing its permit to sell a genetically modified strain of corn, MON810, which was approved in 1998 and is grown primarily in Spain.

Monsanto is acknowledging that Europe's negative reaction to genetic modification is not likely to change soon. The Financial Times reported Thursday that the company is giving in after years of making little progress to sell genetically modified seeds in Europe, where the concept is broadly unpopular.

Many European countries, including France, Germany and Italy, have bans in place against genetically-modified organisms. Public sentiment has been divided and intense over safety and environmental concerns related to cultivated crops that have been genetically engineered.

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