April 2012

Vision Quest

2012-Apr-20   ::   (0 comments)

A vision quest is a rite of passage in some Native American cultures, often in conjunction with a period of fasting. The vision quest is a turning point in life taken before to find oneself and the intended spiritual and life direction. When an older child is ready, he or she will go on a personal, spiritual quest alone in the wilderness. This usually lasts for a number of days while the child is attuned to the spirit world.

Following the ancient pathway of this rite of passage, we step into our true nature and remember our home among the wild. We become who we were born to be. In many western countries more and more grown-up men and women alike are going into the wilderness fasting in order to find their true purpose in life.

Here you wil find more information about the Vision Quest and how it can give you direction on your path of life.