December 2010

No Christmas gift yet?

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Rainforest tree

The most original gifts on Earth! For the Earth! WWF's gifts are not only exclusive and unique, but each one you buy is a great contribution to help WWF save this beautiful, one and only blue planet we call home. Better yet, they guarantee no queues, no traffic and they can be delivered anywhere in the world in seconds!

Seventh Generation wishes all our guests a blessed, peaceful and thoughtful Chrsitmas! Thank you for reading Seventh Generation.

Here you can buy the gift and support the WWF.

Japan - Stop whaling!

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The Japanese whaling ships are on their way south - but the Sea Shepherd's are, too! This year they have almost 90 crewmembers, who are charged up with the one thing that has ever made a difference in a social movement - the passion and initiative of individuals. These individuals are willing to go out to sea and make a stand against the whale killers.

After months of preparation, they have officially set sail for our 2010-11 Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign, Operation No Compromise. This year's fleet is the strongest to date, including veteran vessels the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker, with the addition of the newly-acquired trimaran the Gojira (Japanese for Godzilla), which has the necessary speed and power to outrun the whalers and put an end to their shameful activities.

Here you can support the campaign.