November 2010

Indonesia declares Shark Sanctuary

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No-Take Zone

The Regent of Raja Ampat, Indonesia has declared a Shark Sanctuary for the entire 17,760 square mile area of Raja Ampat. This declaration is a direct response to the hard work of a few committed people in the region and the proposal presented by Shark Savers and Misool Eco Resort.

It is now:

  • Forbidden to catch fish with poison, bombs, etc.
  • Forbidden to catch sharks, manta rays, mobulas, live reef fish for the aquarium trade, dugongs and turtles
  • Forbidden to catch any fish at all in designated tourism and conservation areas

This is an important milestone, because Raja Ampat has been the scene of destructive overfishing that has severely threatened sharks, mantas, and other vulnerable species.

In late September 2010, Shark Savers produced the proposal with Misool Eco Resort's Andrew Miners. The proposal included supporting research, documents, letters of support from Palau, The Maldives, and Hawaii, and the petition signatures and comments.

Read more about the declaration here.

Beyond that Misool Eco Resort has increased their No-Take Zone to include the Daram Islands, an archipelago of islands adjoining Misool Eco Resort's contracted area. The new Marine Conservation Area, or MCA, includes 1220 sq km (468 sq miles) of pristine sea, reefs, mangroves, deep sea beds, and coastal areas. In cooperation with WildAid, they have contracted this area from the local landowners, and they'll be adding a new patrol boat soon.

The MCA prohibits the kill, capture, or removal of any wildlife. Prohibitions include shark finning, all types of fishing, hunting turtles, and collecting turtle eggs, as well as highly destructive practices such as reef bombing, cyanide fishing, and live reef fish trade.

Raja Ampat enjoys the highest marine biodiversity level on the planet, with 1397 species of fish and over 600 species of coral recorded. In the past, Raja Ampat has been the scene of destructive overfishing that has severely threatened sharks, turtles, dugongs, manta rays, as well as fish the local population depends upon for food.

Here you can read the interview with Andrew Miners.

Change the course!

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Logo Four Years. Go.

FOUR YEARS. GO. is a campaign to catalyze and empower a fundamental shift in the direction of humanity, inspiring collaborative action, connecting individuals and organizations, and amplifying best practices and successes.

They are creating a global rallying cry to inspire an awareness of the urgency to shift humanity’s trajectory by 2014, before our destructive trends make that shift impossible. They are empowering individuals and organizations to set and reach goals that will cause a positive global tipping point by 2014, setting humanity on a new path toward a socially just, environmentally sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling future.

Watch the video here.