February 2010

Green movement

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Greenschool building made of bamboo

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. After about four weeks we're now in Bali, a magic island with an exotic blend of spirituality, warm hospitality and a lush vegetation. We love being here and are grateful for every new day.

We are happy to see a new ecologic movement rising here, which can be felt in many ways. Nearly all restaurants offer organically grown food and permaculture is common. We can choose from a big number of Eco Resorts, all of which take “eco” seriously, run sustainably and produce their own energy where possible.
However, the Eco concept that strikes us most is the so called “Greenschool”. This school, influenced by the holistic principles of Rudolf Steiner, is educating children to become “a generation of global citizens who are knowledgeable about and inspired to take responsibility for the sustainability of the world.”
It was founded by jewelry designer John Hardy and built entirely of bamboo, a fast growing resource. The school generates its own power from the river and the schoolchildren plant their own vegetables.

Have a look at their website, there also is a great short film on it from CNN here.

Enlightened Tourism

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Corals in Raja Ampat

Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia. In Raja Ampat we could see what can be achieved when dedicated people commit to preserve their environment and follow their vision. Marit and Andrew Miners and their team started about four years ago to establish a conservation area. On an island in the middle of the so called no-take-zone they built the Misool Eco Resort, which helps to financially sustain the preservation of one of the most bio diverse reef systems on earth.
When they first came to the area, the island was used as a base for the disastrous practice of dynamite fishing and the unspeakable shark finning, where the sharks’ fins are cut off and they are left to die.

Today in this area many corals are recovering, thousands of fish are to be seen again, and even the sharks are coming back, as we could witness when they swam by us in the bay every morning…

Protective tourism...

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Logo Misool Eco Resort

Jakarta, Java, Indonesia. Tomorrow we will head towards West Papua to meet and interview Andrew Miners. He and his team are running the Misool Eco Dive-resort in one of the most fragile regions on earth with an immense bio-diversity. Together with the local community he helped to establish about 400 square kilometers as a “no-take-zone” where illegal fishing and shark finning is prohibited. They built the Eco Resort almost exclusively from driftwood, sewage is processed with waste water gardens, and energy partly generated from solar panels and a wind turbine.

We can't wait!

The world's last paradises

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Young Orangutan in Bukit Tigapuluh

Bukit Tigapuluh, Sumatra. We depart from Jambi, the capital of the equally-named province, and drive for hours through devastated areas and palmoil plantations. Our eyes and souls can't believe what is happening here, and we are deeply saddened by the extent of destruction we see. Responsible for this are we as consumers of paper and palmoil products.

We are so relieved to arrive after 8 hours in the camp of the Frankfurt Zoological Society, which is located in the middle of one of the last rainforests on Sumatra. The national park Bukit Tigapuluh is still home to wild elephants, tigers and thousands of different tropical trees. Dr. Peter Pratje and his team of locals are based here to release orangutans, who have lost their habitat on most of Indonesia, back into the wilderness.

This indescribable diversity, the many unknown smells and sounds, the quiet flow of the river and the undisturbed beauty of this forest give us hope and nurture our souls. These last paradises can only be saved if we make a collective effort.

The interview will be here in the next weeks