July 2009

At Gut Herrmannsdorf

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Herrmannsdorf near Munich
Herrmannsdorf near Munich

Herrmannsdorf, Germany. On a beautiful summer day we have the honour to meet Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth. It's not easy to meet a man with a 10-12 hours working day, who simultaneously leads different companies, a foundation and various projects. At the farm Herrmannsdorf near Munich, where his vision became reality, we meet him for our second interview. The property is amazing, with an old cheese factory, a bakery, a butcher, a beergarden and a biogas plant. Here we can observe happy animals, kids playing, nature blooming everywhere. Animals here are treated with highest respect and are killed consciously, causing them less stress possible.

We really enjoyed our day there and learned, that agriculture and animal keeping can happen in harmony with nature and with respect for life.

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