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UN Clean Seas Logo

2018-Mar-8   ::   (0 comments)

UN campaign to fight plastic pollution

Each year at least 8 million tonnes of plastics leak into the oceans. We need to turn the tide on plastic. UN Environment launched CleanSeas in February 2017, with the aim of engaging governments, the general public, civil society and the private sector in the fight against marine plastic litter.


Logo Bring den Kochtopf mit

2018-Jan-9   ::   (0 comments)

Demo against agroindustry

On January 20th agriculture ministers from around the world will be meeting in Berlin. This is the perfect moment to demonstrate against agricultural policy that destroys biodiversity and prevents people from getting access to organic and healthy food.


2017-Oct-16   ::   (0 comments)

Permaculture Design Course 2018

As every year 2018 we will offer a 12 days intensive Permaculture Design course led by Christoff Schneider from 10th to 21st of June next year.


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